It all started when…

…RedLine DJs & Entertainment owner, Jon Beck left a wedding having witnessed a particularly bad DJ single-handedly ruin a friend’s wedding reception. We all know the situation - a bored-looking DJ playing the same set they’ve rolled out at every single wedding they’ve done since the early-90s. No interest in the couple’s age or requirements, no attention paid to the dancefloor and no respect given to the people in attendance. Deciding that he’d had enough of going to events such as that one, where the entire day was wrecked by low quality entertainment, Jon decided that people deserved far more than they were so often getting. Out-of-touch mobile DJs still playing The Macarena and The Grease Medley to crowds of cringing 20 and 30-something’s should no longer acceptable!

With all of this in mind, our aim is very simple; To make your wedding a perfect reflection of you and your partner. At RedLine, we believe that every single event is different and so we work with you to ensure that we tailor a playlist - as well as any other additional entertainment and production options - to your exact requirements.  If you’d like a wedding playlist filled with 90s indie classics – no problem.  A birthday party covering everything from uptempo, contemporary pop through to disco and classic R&B? We’ve got you covered.  If you’d like a retro themed day with a dancefloor getting down to Elvis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry, we’re your guys.

We make it our highest priority to deliver whatever you do or do not want to hear on your day, because that is exactly what it is; your day.  We believe that the DJ should perfectly complement the feel and style of the rest of your celebration as well as reflecting what you would like to hear.

We are perfectionists when it comes to compiling setlists, reading the dancefloor and making sure that the right song is mixed and played at exactly the right time.  We have an ever expanding song list of over 50,000 tracks to choose from and we guarantee that no matter how obscure the song or the genre request is, we will make sure it’s added to your personalised collection for the night.