Wedding Planning

Thirteen Unique And Unusual Wedding Venues

Finding a great wedding venue can a be a tricky business. Sure there are numerous mansions, stately homes, swanky bars and country retreats to choose from but what about if you’re looking for something truly unique? If you start to view all prospective venues through this lense, you may well find that all of a sudden your options become very limited – once you’ve seen one Manor House, you’ve seen them all…

Top Three Essentials For a Successful Wedding

I am absolutely delighted to bring you a brand new guest blog-post, courtesy of Lianne – Director of the always brilliant, bang on-trend, super-stylish, Blonde Army – a creative wedding consultancy providing modern couples with planning, styling and coaching services to support them through their wedding planning journey. For further details on what they can offer click here. Take it away, Lianne!

Nineteen Reasons to Book a Professional Wedding DJ

Almost all soon-to-be-newlyweds have been there: you’ve been planning the wedding for months, if not years.

The cake’s been taste tested by the entire family, the dress has been fitted (three times), the canapés and wedding breakfast confirmed and your Dad has already done the booze cruise to Calais (obviously you’ll have bought five times as much as you need, and will be drinking that bottle of ‘wedding day red’ until 2020).