Top Three Essentials For a Successful Wedding


I am absolutely delighted to bring you a brand new guest blog-post, courtesy of Lianne – Director of the always brilliant, bang on-trend, super-stylish, Blonde Army – a creative wedding consultancy providing modern couples with planning, styling and coaching services to support them through their wedding planning journey. For further details on what they can offer click here. Take it away, Lianne!

Great weddings to me are the best type of party you ever go to so they need to run smoothly and reflect you and your partner. A wedding is the story of your journey together and instead of getting caught up in the smaller elements, nailing some of the important essentials will ensure you have a day unique and tailored to you. Below are my top three essentials for a successful wedding – get these key aspects right and you will be set for a great day.



Deciding on your venue is like deciding on your home. It needs to be big enough for all of your guests, within budget, in your desired location and suited to you. Just because bohemian tipi weddings seem to be a popular choice at present doesn’t mean that you should whack on a pair of wellies and hire in some fur throws..!

Your venue will be the backdrop for your day – it will inform your styling choices, colour schemes and be present in every wedding photo. If you want to be hands on then a blank canvas venue where you can really have control of the vibe and decor would be best suited to you. If you want something with less involvement then either a hotel, stately home or even a bar/restaurant could be the best choice. Either way my advice would be to really take your time and think carefully about your venue. Make the time to visit and re-visit. Have a list of questions with you so you know they can cater for what you envisage and don’t be afraid to ask as most venues will be accommodating. Your venue says a lot about you as a couple so nail that and you’re already 50% of the way towards a successful wedding.


Food and Booze

Hungry guests = miserable guests. Not a good move… Guests expect to be fed and watered or notified if there are going to be gaps in the day so they can bring provisions. Unfortunately if guests are left waiting around this is what they often remember rather than the good bits! Depending on budget you can offer canapés, small plates or even grazing tables at your reception drinks. I always advise couples to portion a good amount of their budget to food and drink so you know guests are taken care of. This means you can relax a bit more knowing everyone is happy and occupied. The wedding breakfast takes up a reasonable amount of time on the day so invest in that. Again the meal choice will be dependant on your venue (see I told you it plays a big part!) …a formal sit down meal, a buffet style or BBQ. Feeding up your guests will make sure they are full of energy for when the dance floor opens…



As I’ve previously mentioned, your wedding = your party. This is the part of the night when everyone really lets their hair down and most of your guests’ stories are created on the dance-floor. People who may not have known each other until your wedding day can quickly become best friends when hips are being shaken faster than Beyonce’s! Your entertainment choices can mean the difference between a huge hit or huge fail – everyone is there to celebrate you so make sure that you give them a celebration! If you decide on a live band then take the time to their demos, check their website and speak to previous clients. They may well sound great but are they reliable and trustworthy? Will they play the songs you request? There’s nothing worse than an empty dance floor and everyone sat around feeling awkward so it’s important that you do your research and make the right choice. It’s the same story with a DJ – make sure that you hire a professional. RedLine’s very own Jon wrote a cracking article about how to make the most of your wedding DJ so have a look at that for guidance. Do they have all the kit? Sound and lighting? What kind of set do they play? Can you make requests? This ain’t no kiddies disco so invest in the right entertainment and your wedding night will be one to remember! Oh what a night!

Of course these aren’t the only elements that go into a wedding – as a planner I know! If you’re the bride I know the dress will be a priority-of course! But investing your time and budget in my top three essentials first will guarantee you will have a successful wedding. Everything else is a Brucey bonus!

For any further advice or for any assistance with your wedding planning journey then please get in touch – I’m always happy to listen and help! and check out my full website here.

With love,

Lianne x

Pictures courtesy of: Kevin Fearn Photography